Linux Flash 6 Plugin for Native

Firefox in FreeBSD 5.2.1

Last modified: Jul. 26, 2008

1 - Summary
2 - Dependencies
3 - Wrapper Installation
4 - Libmap Configuration
5 - Plugin Check

1 - Summary

This little guide will show you how to install the Linux Flash 6 plugin for a
native build of Firefox in FreeBSD 5.2.1. For this guide to work you will
need to be running FreeBSD 5.2.1 and have a native build of Firefox.

2 - Dependencies

Log in as root before starting. First, add the following to your make.conf file.

# echo "WITH_LIBMAP=yes" >> /etc/make.conf

Now, install this to have libmap support.

# cd /usr/src/libexec/rtld-elf
# sudo make clean all install

Linuxthreads is also a dependency that is needed.

# cd /usr/ports/devel/linuxthreads
# sudo make install
# sudo make clean

3 - Wrapper Installation

Install the wrapper itself.

# cd /usr/ports/www/linuxpluginwrapper

Edit the following in the Makefile.

     # RUN_DEPENDS=   ${LOCALBASE}/Acrobat5/Browsers/intellinux/${PORTSDIR}/print/acroread5 \
     RUN_DEPENDS=   ${LOCALBASE}/lib/linux-flashplugin6/${PORTSDIR}/www/

Also edit the following under pre-install:

     # @${LN} -sf ${LOCALBASE}/Acrobat5/Browsers/intellinux/ \
     #         ${X11BASE}/lib/browser_plugins/

# sudo make install
# sudo cp work/linuxpluginwrapper-20040727/misc/libmap.conf-FreeBSD5.x /etc/libmap.conf
# sudo make clean

4 - Libmap Configuration

Edit the /etc/libmap.conf file. Comment out everything except the section on
Flash6 for Firebird.

     # Flash6 with Mozilla/Firebird/Galeon/Epiphany
     [/usr/local/lib/linux-flashplugin6/]		pluginwrapper/			pluginwrapper/			pluginwrapper/

5 - Plugin Check

Now, log out of X-Windows. Log back in as a normal user and run firefox. Go into
firefox and type about:plugins. You will see the Flash 6 plugin. That's it,
now you have the Linux Flash 6 plugin for a native build of Firefox on FreeBSD 5.2.1.

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