Configure WPA 2 in personal mode in WLAN

Last modified: Jun. 14, 2009

1 - Summary
2 - Configuration

1 - Summary

This guide will show how to setup a wireless network using WPA 2 in personal
mode on a Cisco access point. The wireless access point I have is a Cisco
Aironet 1130AG. This has been tested using Cisco IOS 12.4.

2 - Configuration

Personal mode means wireless network that uses PSK for authentication. This
mode requires manual configuration of a PSK on the access point and clients.
PSK authenticates users via a password. The password also provides information
that TKIP or AES uses to generate an encryption key for the encryption of the
data packets.
ap#config t
Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z.
ap(config)#interface Dot11Radio0
ap(config-if)#encryption mode ciphers aes-ccm
ap(config-if-ssid)#authentication open
ap(config-if-ssid)#authentication key-management wpa version 2
ap(config-if-ssid)#wpa-psk ascii
ap#write mem
Building configuration...

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