Email notifications using Msmtp (TLS) in Mythbuntu

Last modified: Apr. 6, 2013

1 - Summary
2 - Dependencies
3 - Msmtp installation
4 - Msmtp configuration
5 - Example shell script

1 - Summary

This guide will show you how to send emails for system events using msmtp with
TLS/SSL capabilities in Mythbuntu. Msmtp is an SMTP client used to send emails.
This has been tested in Mythbuntu 12.04.2 on the amd64 architecture.

2 - Dependencies

Install the following packages.
# sudo apt-get install apt-file
[sudo] password for user:
# sudo apt-get install wget
[sudo] password for user:
# apt-file update
# apt-file list wget | grep ^wget: | awk '{print $2}' | grep bin
# wget --no-check-certificate
# perl
# sudo chown root:root ca-bundle.crt
[sudo] password for user:
# sudo chmod 555 ca-bundle.crt
[sudo] password for user:
# sudo mv ca-bundle.crt /etc/
[sudo] password for user:
# sudo rm -f certdata.txt
[sudo] password for user:

3 - Msmtp installation

Install the msmtp package.
# sudo apt-get install msmtp
[sudo] password for user:

4 - Msmtp configuration

Find where the msmtp binary was installed to.
# apt-file list msmtp | grep ^msmtp: | awk '{print $2}' | grep bin

Find where the configuration file should be put.
# /usr/bin/msmtp --version | grep msmtprc
System configuration file name: /etc/msmtprc
User configuration file name: /home/user/.msmtprc
# apt-file list msmtp | grep ^msmtp: | awk '{print $2}' | grep msmtprc

You can create your own configuration file. Here is an example that uses a
Gmail account which utilizes TLS.
  account default
  port 587
  tls on
  tls_starttls on
  tls_trust_file /etc/ca-bundle.crt
  auth on
  password **********
  syslog LOG_MAIL
# sudo vi /etc/msmtprc
[sudo] password for user:
# sudo chmod 600 /etc/msmtprc
[sudo] password for user:

5 - Example shell script

Here is an example shell script that sends an email.


host=`$hostname -s`
current_time=`$date +%H:%M`
current_day=`$date +%m/%d/%y`

body="This is a test."
subject="Test sent from $host [$current_day $current_time]"
$printf "From: $from\nTo: $recipient\nSubject: $subject\n\n$body" | $msmtp --file=$msmtp_config -t
exit 0

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